Before you were conceived I wanted you. Before you were born I loved you. Before you were an hour old I would die for you. This is the miracle of life.

The Boys!

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Little Yellow Chick Chick!

...Oh how Cooper loves thee! You once were a forgotten finger puppet made of a fluffy felt material that Tanner got from the Santa in the mall. There you sat..year upon year, upon year...., until one day, a boy named Cooper discovered thee. A soft yellow body a little yellow beak and red top notch.. little black eyes... he fell in love.
He carries you around with him and rubs you on the back of his head, giving you loves. He watches einstein with you, hes happy if you are in the car with him.. not just a piece of felt no more!He smiles with glee at the sight of you, his little friend. He sucks on you.. teethes on you.... holds you up for the world to see. A boy named Cooper sure loves his Little Yellow Chick Chick!


  1. Awww..what a sweet memory for you guys!! That is so cute.

  2. LOL, Sis, that is awesome!! Adorable!