Before you were conceived I wanted you. Before you were born I loved you. Before you were an hour old I would die for you. This is the miracle of life.

The Boys!

Birthday Birthday

Monday, October 4, 2010


Happy 1st Birthday to Our Precious Baby Boy! I cannot believe a year has passed since we were blessed with you. I will write about your party that we had yesterday very soon as well as a couple other things but I wanted to write to you on your special day.

I feel so so blessed that God gave you to us. Another chance at raising a son, what a gift we have been given.
You have already brought so much joy into our lives in such a short period of time.Your smiling face and laughter and mischievious grins!~You've begun waving and are so cute- you shake your head noooooo and you love the moon- this warrants a whole post. You are so loving and kind and love dogs and animals... I want to take the remainder of the evening to spend with you as well as on a new "tradition" I am working on... so more later..
Happy Birthday Sweet Little One!!!


  1. Awww Happy Birthday Cooper! Can't wait to hear about the party! He looks so cute in his little sweater!

  2. Happy Birthday precious Cooper!! You are such an amazing little guy :'-)

  3. Oh, my precious Coopster! I miss you so much, Happy Birthday little guy! Can't wait to see you again! You are as gorgeous as ever and have one heck of a family :) Your Uncle Anthony, Cousin River, and Auntie Liz of course are included in that ;) Miss you Charla, hope you guys are well and I'm planning to be better about logging on :) xoxoxo