Before you were conceived I wanted you. Before you were born I loved you. Before you were an hour old I would die for you. This is the miracle of life.

The Boys!

Birthday Birthday

Friday, April 8, 2011

18 Mo Pedi Appt!

Cooper had his 18 Mo exam today. He was 26lbs (55 th percentile), 33" ( 75th percentile) and his head was 50 cm (90th %) Still big on the head measurement but she said not to worry. We saw Dr Lachman today. Cooper decided he didnt like her or the nurse very well! He is meeting all milestones and no worries. He had 3 shots, screamed bloody murder and cried for oh about 10 minutes after- poor babe!
He was trying to impress the doc at first before the exam pointing out all the circles or "gircles" as he calls them on her- the stethescope- her beads on her bracelet.. etc.

I didnt mention in my earlier post but every time he wakes up he has a couple little curls in his hair... awwww maybe he'll have a little curl~!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cooper's 18 Months !

Sniff... Sniff....Where has the time gone? My BABY is a year and a half!
I have been horrible at this blog thing.I need to go back to post 6 months ago.

Cooper is a very fun and loving baby ( toddler).. he is so smart! He loves shapes and recognizes circles and triangles and says them in his own way.He also recognizes water even in books and dogs, cars, starts, moon, flowers and points them all out and balls etc. He pretty much knows what everything is. We can ask him something and he'll go get it.. knows it for sure! He says soooo many words- eggs, balloon, santa, moon, mama, dada, mom, bub,flower, dogda( dog), ball( one of his favorites),star,yes- which he has been answering qwuestions this way so cute!,car,cracka(cracker),shower,wawa ( soda),ungie( lulu),baba,cloud, boo,theres so may more I am sure I will remember! He loves balloons and balls!He loves his little plastic chicken he calls "eggs" and his Piggy Woo.. ( yeah I named it!) he wrinkles his nose up to oink when he carries it around. He knows- eyes, nose, mouth,fire-tsss, hair, ears, chin...he claps all the time.He likes to play the "Oh No, Cooper" game...he acts like hes stuck somewhere when we all say sympathetically "oh" and he looks the part too, poor Coopy, then he breaks free all happy and we all applaud, yeah thats a favorite!:).I still call him ViVi , it stuck, what can I say!

He is BUSY! He climbs on everything, gets into everything and RUNS everywhere! He still sleeps with me and has a baba at night, middle of the night, when he wakes up and at nap... he still kneads my hair with both hands while he drinks it and sleeps in my arms :) I love this.....I will nuzzle him and feel his soft "angel feather" hair with my lips.. my little precious.
He was done nursing at 16mo.. just decided he was done :( but thats okay...
He can put all the puzzle pieces in the right spot on Tanners old wooden car-truck puzzle w/ the pictures under..! He loves airplanes in the sky and watching birds....
He has 10 teeth. He has a good appetite and isnt real picky eats what we eat mostly.
He loves feeding Lulu cheerios or crackers which he'll do all day if you let him!


He still loves Baby Einstein dvd's and books.. ( all books) and we've been playing a lot with Tanners old hand puppets lately which he likes. He's starting to like cars and trucks like his cousin Chase. He wants to be outside whenever he can be, so I am glad the weathers warming up.. finally! With Tanners schedule of baseball and track starting now he'll get alot of outdoor time.

He's getting more and more hair ( and cuter all the time I think :) ) ... He wants to be "In the Mix" all the time... he's a fun son to have! We just adore him and are thankful God blessed us with two amazing boys! <3


Saturday, November 27, 2010


.. I am going to try to catch up!!

Cooper has a fascination with the moon. He cheers up when we go look at it and when you ask him "Cooper, wheres the moon?" he goes in a circle with his hand lifted to the sky! Hes been doing this for months. Jen and Fam got him the Goodnight Moon book and he loves it when he is on the moon pages- he uses his thumb to point and points out the moon in lots of his books. He also loves the stars..but The Moon is his favorite... it is so cute to watch him <3

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

CSN Giveaway!!

Hey Friends and Family!!! You can enter to win a giftcard for $40 to CSN Stores( 4 chances !) by following this link!!!! Totally awesome blog, totally awesome giveaway!:)

Monday, October 4, 2010


Happy 1st Birthday to Our Precious Baby Boy! I cannot believe a year has passed since we were blessed with you. I will write about your party that we had yesterday very soon as well as a couple other things but I wanted to write to you on your special day.

I feel so so blessed that God gave you to us. Another chance at raising a son, what a gift we have been given.
You have already brought so much joy into our lives in such a short period of time.Your smiling face and laughter and mischievious grins!~You've begun waving and are so cute- you shake your head noooooo and you love the moon- this warrants a whole post. You are so loving and kind and love dogs and animals... I want to take the remainder of the evening to spend with you as well as on a new "tradition" I am working on... so more later..
Happy Birthday Sweet Little One!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Little Yellow Chick Chick!

...Oh how Cooper loves thee! You once were a forgotten finger puppet made of a fluffy felt material that Tanner got from the Santa in the mall. There you sat..year upon year, upon year...., until one day, a boy named Cooper discovered thee. A soft yellow body a little yellow beak and red top notch.. little black eyes... he fell in love.
He carries you around with him and rubs you on the back of his head, giving you loves. He watches einstein with you, hes happy if you are in the car with him.. not just a piece of felt no more!He smiles with glee at the sight of you, his little friend. He sucks on you.. teethes on you.... holds you up for the world to see. A boy named Cooper sure loves his Little Yellow Chick Chick!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cooper is saying 2 new words!

Tonight Cooper started saying 2 new words!Bud and But ( or Butt) So cute!!!
What a sweetie!