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Friday, April 8, 2011

18 Mo Pedi Appt!

Cooper had his 18 Mo exam today. He was 26lbs (55 th percentile), 33" ( 75th percentile) and his head was 50 cm (90th %) Still big on the head measurement but she said not to worry. We saw Dr Lachman today. Cooper decided he didnt like her or the nurse very well! He is meeting all milestones and no worries. He had 3 shots, screamed bloody murder and cried for oh about 10 minutes after- poor babe!
He was trying to impress the doc at first before the exam pointing out all the circles or "gircles" as he calls them on her- the stethescope- her beads on her bracelet.. etc.

I didnt mention in my earlier post but every time he wakes up he has a couple little curls in his hair... awwww maybe he'll have a little curl~!

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